Sonje F.

Jeff G.
Dr. Wolfsohn is the best, one of the top doctors I have ever been to. She is thorough, knowledgeable, and she really takes the time to listen and answer all your questions. I recommend her wholeheartedly!

Jacki T.
Dr. Wolfsohn and Stephanie are always helpful, comforting and ensure that I am comfortable before, during and after my treatment. I actually look forward to my appointments, which sounds funny since I’m talking about doctor appointments!

Courtney P.
Dr. Wolfsohn is the best of the best! I suffer from chronic migraines and she is the only Dr. who has helped me get relief. I love her because she really cares about her patients. She takes the time to talk to you and really understand what it is that you are going through. I got ketemine infusions from somewhere else before I went to her and felt no relief. When I went to Dr. Wolfsohn I told her what they gave me and she knew right away why it didn’t work. She adjusted the meds and knew exactly what she was doing. She is a life saver!!!!!!!

Tammy I.
It’s a bit difficult to verbalize just how exquisite the care has been here at VCAT, and I chose that word quite intentionally. From the first phone call, all throughout the intake process, it’s been so lovely. Eliot was an angel as he helped me through the final few paperwork details and signatures. Then came my initial consultation with Dr. Wolfsohn. Her warmth and kindness was almost palpable! Even though we both wore masks (hello pandemic) I could feel her gentle, caring energy. What a sweet and genuine doctor. Our interview was thorough, thoughtful, comfortable, safe and so informative. Dr. Wolfsohn was an open book and took all the time needed to answer and explain things that some doctors seem less than thrilled to bother with. After a lifetime of doctors, meds, dozens of surgeries, meds, hospitals and more doctors, I’ve become very knowledgeable about my conditions and she was so willing and ABLE to cover of every detail with me. I never got that “why are you questioning me” feeling that some specialists give off since they’re the doctor and you’re not. She was just so right on. It’s a rare gem of a Dr that shares their knowledge with you in a way that brings you in closer like that. With my blessing of course, she has communicated with my other Dr’s and brought them onto the team in a way that has left them so impressed and excited for me as we start this journey! One session down. I couldn’t have hoped for a better first experience. I had no negative or “scary” moments at all which was a pure joy to experience. I was a little nervous going in of course, something new is always a little scary I think, but I came away feeling nothing but hope and looking forward to the journey! One session doesn’t qualify me to say much yet but, wow. I can’t believe how blessed I feel to have found Dr. Wolfsohn. The few days since my first infusion have been peaceful and quiet in a way I’ve never experienced before in all the years of my life. That frenetic, depression and anxiety induced noise in my head is gone and it’s all… Just. Blissful. Silence. On to session two! Thank you Dr. Wolfsohn and all staff members. This is a new and exciting time, thank you for the beautiful, exquisite care you give your patients.

Alexis B.
Felt so comfortable and loved the doctor and staff

Arin S.
The moment I step into Dr. Wolfsohn’s office I instantly feel calm, safe, and at peace. Her and her staff always greet me with warm smiles and do everything to make myself and my family member that brought me to the treatment comfortable. Best and gentlest times I’ve ever had IVs put in have been in this office. Dr. Wolfsohn will put a heat pack on my arms to help my veins soften up and it makes such a difference in the level of pain. Unfortunately I usually fall asleep during treatment but when I wake up Dr. Wolfsohn and Bre are usually helping me stand up from the comfortable recliner and physically helping me to walk to the bathroom. These infusions have saved my life with my migraines and pain levels. I sincerely look forward to my infusions which is so weird for me because I’ve always been someone that is hugely afraid of needles and IVs. Highly recommend this doctor and her office. I am so grateful to have found them.

Dianne D.
Dr. Wolfsohn over the last year of my visits with her and her staff has shown such an unprecedented level of empathy, understanding and sincerely makes me feel worthy, understood and valid in my struggles with treatment resistant depression. I hope that every person has an opportunity to have Dr Wolfsohn on their team of champions helping to bring them back to their life and future as she has given me so much hope and support, I would not be here today without her life saving practice.

Molly W.
Doctor Wolfsohn and staff are extremely caring and competent. Never have I had such comprehensive and thoughtful care.

Jay Bea S.
Dr. Wolfsohn is an extremely warm and caring woman. She truly cares about her patients and how she can make their lives better. Having treatment by Dr. Wolfsohn has been the best experience of my life.

Tracey M.
Dr. Wolfsohn is an excellent doctor and her staff are wonderful. Her office is “spa-like” and tranquil with a caring atmosphere.

Marco S.
Stefany was caring, and understanding! She was very attentive to my needs during my visit. Stefany and her assistant Bonnie made my visits a pleasant experience!

Lauren M.
Love everything about this place! Not only have the ketamine treatments been beneficial but the care from Dr. W & Bre have been incredible. I have always feel safe, supported and cared for. The combination of ketamine assisted therapy with Carolyn have really allowed me to begin my healing process beyond any treatment prior to this.

Anna G.
I had a wonderful experience on my 1st visit stefany and bre made me feel really comfortable and at ease they answered all my questions and concerns to my understanding and satisfaction. I’m looking forward to future treatments… thanks again for everything….