Group Activities

For Patients and Caregivers:
Dr. Stefany Wolfsohn and her dedicated team believe in building communities to help sustain mental health and wellness. We offer group activities throughout the year to help support patients, loved ones, and caregivers. Please call to inquire about current group services offered: (805) 377-2243.

For Mental Health Providers:
Since 2020, Dr. Stefany Wolfsohn has moderated monthly peer consultation meetings between a group of licensed therapists, psychiatrists, and other practitioners in related fields. We collaborate, improve care for patients, learn from each other, and stimulate interest in the field. As a group, we have sought additional formal training together in psychedelic-assisted therapies, preparation, integration, and other therapeutic modalities that can be used to support our patients.

Please call to inquire about current peer consultation services or additional trainings offered: (805) 377-2243.