Board-certified anesthesiologist Stefany Wolfsohn, MD, at Ventura Center for Advanced Therapeutics in Camarillo, California, is a leading provider of cutting-edge ketamine-based therapies and IV therapy solutions. Dr. Wolfsohn has obtained additional mental health, trauma and psychedelic medicine training. She moderates a local, monthly peer consultation group and regularly participates in organized meetings about new developments in ketamine therapy treatments and psychedelic medicine. Dr. Wolfsohn provides all clinical services related to the care and monitoring of every patient.

The practice combines a holistic, individualized approach that utilizes ketamine therapy together with other complementary interventions to bring relief to patients who have found limited success with other treatment modalities. Collaborative care involving licensed mental health providers and/or coaches with additional training in these therapies is encouraged in order to provide appropriate psychological support before, during and after each treatment experience.

Ventura Center for Advanced Therapeutics harnesses the benefits of ketamine therapy to address treatment-resistant mood disorders, PTSD and various types of chronic pain, including Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), chronic migraines, cluster headaches, fibromyalgia, and peripheral neuropathy among other conditions.

With an understanding that set, setting and adequate psychological support can play a significant role in the experience of the patient as well as treatment outcomes, Ventura Center for Advanced Therapeutics provides a safe, relaxing and nurturing treatment environment for patients to receive this treatment modality. Ketamine therapy, in conjunction with psychotherapy, with a licensed mental health provider, are often combined to promote healing, and to sustain long term benefits. To learn more, call today to request your first appointment.